Summer Promotions – Great Special on Four Scan Options

Wow! So far, this summer has been breath-taking! I took a road trip not too long ago to enjoy our beautiful country as I’m sure you all are par-taking in vacations of your own. Despite the heat we’re experiencing in Dallas, I’m hearing some fantastic stories of places people have gone.

July is Social Awareness month! This month is all about enhancing the lives of others by providing emotional, instrumental, and informational support to those people you interact with daily. An article I read stated individuals who have a robust social network live longer. Also, healthy relationships promote better stress management, lowering heart and blood pressure which associates to a healthier endocrine system and healthier cardiovascular functioning. Finally, a robust social network enhances the immune system increasing the body’s ability to fight off infectious diseases.

So this month, I decided to do something special. An opportunity I haven’t done before. Starting this month, I’m giving you a choice of four different scanning options. All fantastic deals to socialize with your friends and family!


  1. Get a heart scan for only $199, usually priced at $499. A 40% discount.
  2. Or, get a heart and body scan, regularly priced at $999 for 50% off. That’s right; you only pay $499 for two scans!
  3. Even better, you can get three scans; a heart, body, and neck (carotid) scan for $699. For three scans that comes to a total of $1,498, that’s over 45% in savings!
  4. Finally, continuing our current promotion with a better incentive for everyone! For $795 or about 45% off of $1,795, you can get a Virtual Colonoscopy.

Wrap Up!

  • Get unheard of deal on four options to choose from, all great prices!
    • Heart Scan for $199
    • Body Scan and Heart for $499
    • Body, Heart, and Neck (carotid) Scan for $699
    • Virtual Colonoscopy for $795
  • Help someone out by socializing this incredible incentive to them so they can improve their health.

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