ViaScan Back 2 School Special

ViaScan celebrating “Back to School”! Call us today at (972) 739-2840 and schedule an appointment, mentioning the “Back to School half price special,” or fill out our online form using promotion code “Back 2 School”. You will receive a heart scan for heart attack prevention, body scan for early cancer detection, and carotid neck scan for stroke prevention at half price of $695. Wow, what an awesome way to begin a new school year but to ensure you maintain your good health!

Call ViaScan at (972) 739-2840 and tell them you want to schedule the Mark Davis “Back to School ” half price special.

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  1. I heard this morning on WBAP that you are running a special this morning, but didn’t catch what it was. Could you reply & give me the details?

    Tony Nichols

    • The Back 2 School promotion is what’s running on WBAP. The first 15 callers receive an additional $100 off the current promotion offer for being one of the first 15 callers

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