Cancer Awareness - $995 Virtual Colonoscopy for New Patients; Existing patients even better deal

ViaScan Summer Special on Virtual Colonoscopy for Cancer Awareness

American Cancer Society recommends getting screened for cancer by age 45

American Cancer Society new guidelines indicate colon cancer screening isn’t just a disease of older people. New guidelines now recommend beginning colon screening at age 45.

This change from the American Cancer Society is a very very big deal. Officially lowering the age for first screening is a “game changer” that can save thousands of lives!

ViaScan is a Pioneer in Non-Invasive Virtual Colonoscopy

The great news about the American Cancer Society recommendation is that you can get an accurate Virtual Colonoscopy at ViaScan. For 17 years, ViaScan has pioneered Virtual Colonoscopy procedures as a non-invasive scan! That means, NO sedation, NO scope, NO need for someone drive you to the exam; get a quick, accurate 30-minute procedure while lying on a scanner.

New patients can call ViaScan and schedule your Virtual Colonoscopy for a never before seen cost of $995 (regular price is $1,795). Compare this to $4-5K for an invasive colonoscopy. Make sure to share this information with your family and friends so that they can take advantage of this offer!

I saved the best news for last!!! Existing ViaScan patients can contact ViaScan NOW at (972) 739-2840. When you schedule your Virtual Colonoscopy for only $995, we will add our most popular heart and body scan for overall wellness FREE of charge!!! Wow, a Virtual Colonoscopy, Heart, and Wellness Body scan that generally cost $2,790 for only $995.

Waiting for symptoms and advanced cancer may cost you much much more!!!

Don’t delay, get Virtual Colonoscopy, heart & body scans all for $995. This offer is available for a limited time!!!

Call us at (972) 739-2840 to schedule or complete our appointment request form below.

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