ViaScan Winter Holiday Special

Happy Holidays!

The Holiday season is upon us. ViaScan has been celebrating Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays for past 16 years. This holiday season, ViaScan offers The Family Gift of Good Health! Thanksgiving & Christmas celebration includes blessings for the family. This holiday season, ViaScan commemorates the family with an offer you’ve never seen before: first heart & body scan at $595 then add the second scan for a spouse/family member at $495. Add mom/dad or third family member at $395, lastly, add a fourth family member at an unheard offer of $295! Wow, savings becomes greater as more family members choose to receive the ViaScan holiday gift of maintaining excellent health rather than trying to regain it once lost!

Let’s recap:

ViaScan Family Holiday gift of good health Special

Heart & body scan = $595 dollars
Add second family members/friend heart & body scan = $495
Add third family member/friend heart/body scan = $395
Add fourth family member/friend heart/body scan = $295

ViaScan salutes & celebrates this holiday season with the gift of good health for family & friends!

Call ViaScan at972-739-2840 or visit our website now to guarantee time/date you wish to celebrate this unique holiday family promotion as it is guaranteed to be most popular ViaScan holiday health promotion ever!!!

This offer is ONLY available to previous ViaScan patients who schedule an appointment in addition to the friend and family member they recommend.

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